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Dazzy 17-04-2010 09:44 PM

I don't own the N900 but once Nokia add some simple userability features to the OS then it could well appeal to the masses. The weight will put of some though.

At the end of the day in terms of features Symbian is way ahead of the other OS's, never mind stability and battery consumption but lacks in the UI department. Symbian^3 will address this and for S60 5th edition users, we all have the option of buying SPB Mobile Shell in the coming months to revitalise the interface. Do a youtube search for videos of the Symbian version. And if anyone believes SPB Mobile Shell won't help then you's are wrong. Alot of people replaced the HTC Sense UI, which is widely regarded as the best front end on Android aswell, in windows mobile with SPB Mobile Shell for the level of customising it offers and I suspect Android users will too when that version arrives.

Android needs another year or so to mature and I can see device manufacturers getting peefed off if a new version is released every few months. Iphone OS has some obvious flaws which any rational person will acknowledge as well as needing a much needed hardware boast. But considering the Ipad was said to have a 1ghz processor but rather it's the same 600mhz as in the iphone but overclocked, do we think there is much chance?

Like it or not but Nokia will make a killing with these phones, maybe not in USA but the rest of the world. I still see more Nokia's amongst all my students than any other brand of phone. With the global economies being the way they are there is alot of people looking to gain a cheap smartphone and that's where these devices will excel.

I for one am not paying ridiculous money for a phone, and until now Android phones and the Iphone were too expensive. You can however pick the Desire up for 350 on PAYG in the UK which is reasonable. And it's not cos I cant afford to spend big money on a phone but choose to spend it on more important things.

Steve, Rafe maybe it's time to disable Anonymous comments on here and getting topics back to Symbian rather than all these petty arguments from people hiding behind the Unregistered tag.

I for one would like to see more features on 5th Edition explained as I have read alot of reviews lately where the reviewer didn't appear to understand how to use the OS properly.

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