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gtwibell 29-06-2010 12:21 PM

N86 default email connection problem
Just switched from an N95 to an N86 and have a baffling connection problem. Mail for exchange on the N95 had a settings/connection option which allowed 'always ask' so I could elect to go via WiFi or GPRS. Mail for exchange in the N86 has no such option and - despite WiFi being available - always uses GPRS.

I have my access point configured and usable for browsing, but just can't find a way of telling the mail client to use it. There's something under tools/settings/connection/destinations/internet that looks promising, but despite having WiFi as 1st priority and GPRS as 2nd, it makes no difference to mail.

Would be grateful for a steer in the right direction.


kontraband 30-06-2010 09:22 AM

yeah, destinations is a bit different. Some like some don't. Takes a bit of organising really but try the following.

If you want it to always use the 3G network then dont pick Internet as the destination in Mail Create a new destination and move your 3G connection into that destination and choose that instead.

e.g. I have an Internet destination with 3 APs and a Mobile Destination with 1AP. That allows me to chop/change to suit.

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