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menhel 25-12-2008 03:43 PM

I want to format my N81. How?
Ive tried reinstalling firmware but all my data still remains there. I want to format as something is taking up all my internal memory and I dont know what it is.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

cricfancy 26-12-2008 09:43 AM

:icon4: Hi menhel,

Do have a backup of all your phone memory using Nokia PC Suite / Nokia OVI Suite Content Copier.

Its on your own risk :icon4: :icon4: :icon4: :icon4: Do beware before you proceed.... Its on your own risk because all your phone data will be lost by doing the following :con? Do googling before you proceed further and make sure it is safer to proceed on your own risk

Try to update your phone's firmware. If you are unable to update your firmware, make sure your phone data is safe and set your factory settings on your mobile by doing hard reset *#7370#. then it'll ask for your lock code, which usually is 12345 (by default). :icon4: :icon4: :icon4: :icon4: Do this and you'll lose all your contacts, sms's, tunes, pics, etc. but at least you get a clean phone to use again.

menhel 26-12-2008 10:19 AM

Thanks for your reply, but I updated my firmware successfully ie firmware version updated, but my data remained which is a mystery for me. It should get formatted as my N95 gets formatted after I update firmware, im gonna try the hard reset, but does that delete all my data, or just settings?

N/A 26-12-2008 12:12 PM

Some of the Nokia phone models have now a feature that preserves user data when you do a firmware update. If you do a *#7370# reset, all your data will be gone.

bbracer16valver 04-01-2009 05:28 AM

hold the green button and 3 and star and turn off while still holding the three buttons turn it on still holding them buttons aswell as power it will flash a few times and start about 30seconds later (be sure to back up anything you need as it wipes everything - bar mem card and any apps installed on mem card) will start to re-install apps off mem card so delete them first and install them one by one or i found i had problems, that is a hard reset

the *#7370# one is a soft reset you might aswell go and set to fac tory default as it does the same thing lol


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