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gibbonsderek 08-09-2008 06:10 PM

I'm very happy with my phone so far...but can someone confirm for me if

i) the i8510 does indeed have the OMAP 3430 inside it?

ii) does the i8510 contain an FPU and 3d gfx capability (e.g. n95's openGL chip)

N/A 09-09-2008 05:47 PM

I would suspect it most likely is an OMAP 2 family processor (2420, 2430 or 2431), rather than OMAP 3. Have you asked Samsung?

gibbonsderek 09-09-2008 07:11 PM

yeah its a 2430 as far as I can work out.

I ran SPMARK, it says the following - I guess it has an FPU as JBenchmark ran the floating point test and it passed;

spmark 3d score:4285


3d tests:

48.45 fps
3d Fillrate: 17.46 Mtexels/s
3d Polycount: 318.12 Ktriangles/s


Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
Phone Model: I8510
CPU Speed: 329MHz
CPU Architecture: N/A
Display Colours: 16777216
Display Size: 320x240
Free Memory: 67348KB

OpenGL ES:

EGL version: 1.2
EGL Vendor: Imagination Technologies

ES Version: 1.1
ES Vendor: Imagination Technologies
ES renderer: PowerVR MBXLite with VGPLite

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