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tdl 29-03-2003 06:08 PM

My updated wapsite
7650 owners try this:

30-03-2003 02:46 PM

free ringtones
Another link with a truckload of free ringtones for your mobile phone.

Timo 09-04-2003 08:15 PM

MMS Storage
and you can store your MMS stuff here and then share it with your own public web page:

Regards, Timo

yourmanlee 11-04-2003 03:57 PM

Re: free ringtones

Originally Posted by ries
Another link with a truckload of free ringtones for your mobile phone.

Thanks for this link. One of the simplest yet best free poly tones sites around! :D


Liam548 19-04-2003 02:04 PM

anyone know best way of downloading wav files that ive uploaded to net? they dont work for me :(
or if you know any sites with decent wav tunes to download over net on phone?

28-04-2003 02:27 AM

Hi, best tones i know to download is kidnappedtoy, pay 25p through bango for 12hours access to plenty decent midi tunes

bognor_dave 07-05-2003 02:09 PM

peter 09-06-2003 02:03 AM

I guess this question is mainly directed to a moderator/admin or helper. How relevant is the links list which is posted at the beginning of this thread to the 3650. It looks great but I have not waded through it yet. Also, has this list been posted anywhere else on this forum? Thanks

01-07-2003 01:30 PM

Another link
Another link: for help connecting to WAP and email from a 7650[/url]

12-07-2003 03:51 PM

09-09-2003 05:30 PM

Web Site Very Cool:

http://no it isnt

and is forum

http://this isnt too

misterrossi 14-12-2003 12:41 PM

check this out

cool program:D :D :D :D

Martini 26-12-2003 07:00 AM

Heh, very useful links. But as I seen most of them are not free. Is anybody know site of cracked version of this software? I think many peoples can say you thanks.


GhostDog 26-12-2003 02:40 PM

No warez.

Unregistered4 18-05-2004 03:45 PM

New symbian soft and games site
New symbian soft and games site

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