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NewForce 07-11-2003 01:09 AM

ETI Camcorder record no sound video and MP3Go with continous broken sound on 6600?
I have found that current version of ETI Camcorder can't record video with sound and MP3Go v2.02 with continous slight broken sound on 6600.

For ETI Camcorder,
If you enabling it with Audio codec set to "General" (default setting) and press joystick to start recording it will prompt,
"App. closed MMFController ProxyServer412f908b"
And if you click ok and then press joystick to start recording again it will hang for quite a while and then prompt you another round of above message.
Well if Audio codec set to "Speech" display will pause a second after you press joystick to start recording and then go off so you'll still ended with no recording.

Only by disable the "Audio Recording" then you can get it doing the long video recrding.

For MP3Go v2.02
Using it to play any MP3 tracks and it play with continous slight broken sound.

Did anyone have the same experience?

Think was it cause by 6600 using Symbian-OS v7.0 having different version sound driver from that on 7650/3650?
Can expects here provide help or advise?
Many thanks in advance!

braindoc 07-11-2003 02:00 AM

I have the same experience with ETI Camcorder. I beleive this is because the program has not been updated to work with the 6600...the folks from eyemail have told me that in an email, they said that a 6600-compatible version will be coming out soon.
I use MP3Player for my MP3s and when I play the songs using the phone speaker, some songs do sound "broken", however, they sound ok with the headset.

NewForce 07-11-2003 02:16 AM

Many thanks for your reply and advise!

I had think of the same problem.
Now I just wondering if I can modify the ETI software files itself and get it work now before Eyemail release newer 6600 compatible version.

Anyone any ideas/suggestion on ETI files modification?

Miro 07-11-2003 08:55 AM

I had the same expirience with ETI camcorder and MP3Go:
no recording and broken sound.
U can use Mp3player-it is working fine-verions 1.26 and 1.3( I prefer 1.26)

NewForce 07-11-2003 10:23 AM

Why have you preferred Mp3Player old version than the newer one?
Was the new version having some problem?

LosBenitos 16-07-2004 05:09 PM

I did away with MP3go because of the sound problems and now use UltraMP3 to play music on my 6600 and its far better. Even plays more formats including the old Amiga MOD files!

As for the video player, I too am experiencing the lack of sound recording so I await the release of the new version.

heren 09-12-2005 07:54 AM

I find ETI Camcorder new version, it said that it can support Nokia 6600.

alexander_woods 27-02-2006 01:20 AM

thank u 4 that

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