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steph25mike 17-12-2007 06:11 PM

My N73 wont turn on !!!!
I've got a normal n73 which I tried to update to the ME.. in the middle of the update the connection got cut and now my phone wont turn on... can any1 plz help me out on this ?

Kelwa18@gmail 17-12-2007 10:01 PM

this is a big mistake !!! & I have nokia 6680 & have the same problem with the same case (while updating) .... but you know what happened , when you update your software the mobile delete the older version first then install the new one , if something that ocurred to disconnect the phone then you can't turn on the mobile , then you have to fix it , the fixer will have the software that your phone have then he install it on your mobile , else you can't do any thing ((I think)) , but a little note:: updating the software of the phone sometimes not good , there is many friend's that when they updated there software the problem BEGAN.....

at last :: I think you have to keep on the intial software of the phone ....

OR renew the entire phone...


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