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gloryside 17-04-2011 08:57 PM

Nokia X6 firmware and PC Suite problem
Hey folks,

I have two main problems with my Nokia X6 16 GB phone.
First one is that my FW is "stucked" to V 20.0.005. I was searching on internet and found out that I can change my product code and then update my FW. SO did I, with NSS(Nemesis Service Suite), and I checked via NSS again to make sure that I have changed my code and it is changed. Before I did that, found product code which will be available to update to latest FW version (double-checked via this page; Latest available software for your device: Version:: 31.0.004
My problem is now that I only once managed to connect properly my phone and PC via Nokia software updater. I can see the phone connected (I can use the mass storage mode and I can see all content of it as media removable device in my computer) but I can't make Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Software Updater to detect(nor Nokia OVI suite). I tried two different Windows XP SP3 operating systems and tried on two Windows 7 OS'es :( Any ideas on this?

When I checked for updates via my phone manually and by typing *#0000# it says that there are no updates available. I'm guessing when I change my product code I can update only via Nokia Software Updater, or there is other solution for all this fuss ?

Thank you for your time :)

SDK 19-10-2012 08:18 AM

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