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stirly 30-09-2009 09:47 AM

Local BBC stations on N86?

As from 21st September the BBC has stopped using Real Player for their local radio stations, now favouring WMA. The 'main' stations, Radio 1, 2 etc are still on Real Player but for how long who knows.

Is there an app that allows the N86 to play embedded flash commentaries, that are broadcast by quite a few of the local BBC stations?

Also, does anyone know if there is an app that allows WMA streaming on the N86, and if so, what is it? Have heard that Kinomo Play might work, but was hoping for something a bit less expensive!

FYI, have copied the new BBC station links below;

Radio Cymru
Radio Foyle
Radio nan Gaidheal
Radio Scotland
Radio Ulster
Radio Wales
BBC Berkshire
BBC Bristol
BBC Cambridgeshire
BBC Cornwall
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire
BBC Cumbria
BBC Derby
BBC Devon
BBC Essex
BBC Gloucestershire
BBC Guernsey
BBC Hereford & Worcester
BBC Humberside
BBC Jersey
BBC Kent
BBC Lancashire
BBC Leeds
BBC Leicester
BBC Lincolnshire
BBC London
BBC Manchester
BBC Merseyside
BBC Newcastle
BBC Norfolk
BBC Northampton
BBC Nottingham
BBC Oxford
BBC Sheffield
BBC Shropshire
BBC Solent
BBC Somerset
BBC Stoke
BBC Suffolk
BBC Surrey
BBC Sussex
BBC Tees
BBC Three Counties
BBC Wiltshire
BBC York

BBC World Service

Any help would be gratefully received, as currently I can't listen to Radio Scotland on my N86 anymore, as the FM reception in my area is not that great.

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