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Bassey 28-07-2003 12:24 PM

HandyBase - Database Application
(Don't think this has been mentioned yet. Been away all weekend so missed all the excitement!)

Anyway, Epocware (HandyDay, HandyDates etc) has released a database application for the P800. Summary below is from their website (Hope that's okay moderators?). You can get more details from I'm downloading it now. Will report back if it's any good or not!

------ Direct from ------
Handy Base is feature rich and easy-to-use database for Sony Ericsson P800. It allows you to capture, store, manage and retrieve information about similar items. For example, you can store stocks and shares data, price lists, films, train timetables, recipes, and others.

Handy Base supports the following field types:

Text (unlimited length)
Floating point numbers

Handy Base application has two fully customizable views of table contents: Card View (displays each entry as a separate record) and List View (displays entries as a table). You can easily switch between them by pressing 'Switch view' on the Toolbar.

You can sort database entries by any labels in ascending or descending order.

You can find entries in all database fields or on particular labels. You can use wildcard search (type '?' for a single unknown character or '*' for any number of unknown characters).

Features of Handy Base application:

Card View / List View
List View: click on column name to sort by this label
Sorting entries in ascending or descending order
Sorting by several labels
Finding in a whole database or in selected fields only
Wildcard search
Search history: 10 last words
Changing the label/column order
Setting whether the label/column is visible
Card view: adjust the height of the card
List view: adjust the width of the columns
Dialing phone numbers directly from Handy Base
Setting maximum and minimum limits for numbers fields
Managing database files: copy, rename, move, and delete them
Importing/exporting CSV and text files on the phone


Version: 1.0
Supported languages: English.

Handy Base Converter

Handy Base Converter is desktop software that allows you to convert common PC database files to Handy Base for Sony Ericsson P800 databases and visa versa. The following PC database file types are supported: CSV, Text, MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL, DBF, My SQL, Oracle and other files.

gambit83 28-07-2003 01:56 PM

Sounds interesting...

I'm interested in such an application, so look forward to hearing your review Bassey :roll:

Although I think it will probably take a few versions until it gets better looking at past 'Handy' applications

chip 28-07-2003 02:25 PM

I would like to express my highest kudos to Epocware and whoever write this awesome piece of software. I am a Psion user and still use a netBook untill now. Infact, this reply is written using a netBook. One thing I really miss in my P800 is the Data program which is highly customisable and very useful for a person like me who has a lot of things to be remembered. To save me from my short term memory, of course :-)

The interface is somewhat similar or familiar to Psion's Data, the menu, the navigation, etc. I really feel like using a modern version of my Psion. I have just downloaded the demo version and havent explored everything yet. But what I have found so far are really impressive.
Keep up the good work, guys!!!

Hats Off!!!

I will review this software and try to compare it with Psion's Data. Will be uploaded in the near or not so near future in

Salute to Epocware!!!

the_hog_rider 28-07-2003 05:19 PM

Given how long Handydates has been out and not working without a released fix - I will be waiting to see a lot of feedback before I buy any further Epocware releases.

Before I get flamed to death: I know that any software (all?) has bugs but Handydates failed to do its fundamental function, its taken 8-weeks of pestering to get a "beta" fix from Epocware. I'm NOT slaming Epocware, I'm simply saying that I'll reserve judgement and hold onto my money until I hear a lot more; I hope it works and works well, if so it will be a very useful and much wanted app.

HandyDay is excellent and bodes well for this product.

Cheers and God bless, The_Hog_Rider...

Bassey 29-07-2003 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by the_hog_rider
Handydates failed to do its fundamental function, its taken 8-weeks of pestering to get a "beta" fix from Epocware.

I know you've been saying that for weeks, but surely Handy Dates' fundamental function is to record annual events, copying them to the P800's calendar to provide reminders. All of which it does without a hitch.

I'm not saying it doesn't have bugs, but for those new to the P800 that don't know what the actual problem is (there is a problem with synching with Outlook) your comments are somewhat misleading.

We don't all use Outlook you know!

Anyway, had a quick play with Handy Base last night and the good news is that it seems to do exactly what it says on the box. I haven't tested the import\export yet (the missus is decorating the study so my PC s out of bounds at the moment. I knew I should have got a laptop!) but the program itself worked well.

One word of caution, although I don't remember it mentioning any limitations to the trial (other than it only lasting 30 days) it would appear you cannot change the data-type of the database fields in the trial. Now, of course, I could have missed that bit on the website or might just have been using the app incorrectly.

Accela 29-07-2003 02:11 PM

Pretty neat program, really, I think I'll get it once the requirements for it rise. :fadein:

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