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cgarbis 29-10-2009 07:51 AM

Connecting to NETGEAR wireless router
Hi, I have a new Nokia N86 8MP and I have a NETGEAR wireless router (WPN824 RangeMax) that I can connect to successfully. The phone shows that the connection is strong (100%), and I am able to connect to the Internet using the proprietary Nokia browser and access a Web site.

However, after 30 seconds or so I cannot continue to browse, even though the connection is shown to be Active (with the number of minutes connected displayed when choosing "Details"). In other words, it doesn't seem to maintain a connection, even though it successfully detects and connects to the router. The same holds true when using a different Web browser (Skyfire). I am using WEP security and the phone accepts the WEP key.

This issue only pertains to this NETGEAR router. I am able to successfully connect to a new Linksys router and can also access the internet via a 3G connection without troubles.

My N86 has firmware 11.043 installed. I am not able to download the v20.115 update yet since it is currently unavailable in my region.

Furthermore, I have two laptops, both of which successfully connect to the wireless router and can access the internet without issues.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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