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sasidhar79 06-08-2009 08:51 PM

N95-3 and Nymgo VOIP SIP issue

I had Nymgo voip configured as a SIP profiles on my N95 so that I can make voip calls over my wlan at home.

My phone used to connect to my home wlan when in vicinity and the Nymgo account would automatically register, this actually enables me to makeinternet calls directly from my contacts.

Since last 4 days my phone is not automatically connecting to my home wlan when in proximity and thereby nymgo account is not getting registered.
I am able to connect to wlan exclusively whenever i need browse the web or check email etc., on my phone but when i try to manually registed the Nymgo account from Tools>Connectivity>Intenet Tel. the registration is always failing.

please help

thank you

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