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Mithent 31-08-2007 01:56 PM

Hissing from phone audio system
I've noticed a loud hissing in the phone's audio systems, both in calls and when playing media; this is not a 'whining' sound coming from the LCD, as that is silent when not playing audio, and is also more akin to white noise than a high-pitched sound. I've tried turning off the keypad tones but that doesn't help the noisy calls - I'm not constantly pressing buttons during calls anyway. The problem occurs if the phone is held up to the ear, and also via headphones, either the Nokia ones or others. If I use a Bluetooth headset, the call quality is fine, suggesting it's the phone's audio hardware rather than the network or the other end at fault.

Is this a common N95 fault? Should I take it back for a replacement? They seal the boxes (T-Mobile) so I expect they'd just give me another, which I wouldn't be able to check for the problem. I'm on the V11 firmware - don't want to debrand it if I'm considering bringing it back. I also have a slightly loose slider on the right, but I wasn't thinking I'd bring it back for that - might end up with one that's worse.

(I've posted this one other place too, but thought I'd see what the thoughts are here also.)

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