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sonu1 06-09-2005 06:04 AM

link errors
hi some link errors r cmg in my application which iam nt able to remove,if anybody knows abt this pllzzz let me know..

Errors caused tool to abort.

Link Error : Undefined symbol: 'void CFilterAppUi::UpdateViewL(void) (?UpdateViewL@CFilterAppUi@@UAEXXZ)'

Link Error : referenced from 'const CFilterAppUi::`vftable' (??_7CFilterAppUi@@6B@)' in FILTERAPPUI.o

Link Error : referenced from '@96@?UpdateViewL@CFilterAppUi@@UAEXXZ' in FILTERAPPUI.o

Link Error : Undefined symbol: 'CFilterForm::CFilterForm(int, class CFilterEngine *, class MFilterobserver *) (??0CFilterForm@@AAE@HPAVCFilterEngine@@PAVMFilter observer@@@Z)'

Link Error : referenced from 'class CFilterForm * CFilterForm::NewL(int, class CFilterEngine *, class MFilterobserver *) (?NewL@CFilterForm@@SAPAV1@HPAVCFilterEngine@@PAVM Filterobserver@@@Z)' in Filterform.cpp:13

Link Error : Link failed

mateen_maldar 19-09-2005 09:09 AM

u have unreffered functions called in ur appui and try finding those in ur header files and look for the objects that u have passed in ur function arguments type is mismatached ok

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