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ktay100 12-07-2003 12:13 AM

Nokia PC Suite connection problems
Hi. I'm running Nokia PC Suite on Windows XP. I'm using Widcomm Bluetooth software to connect my 7650 to the PC.

I've had the phone about a month now, and have had no problems with the BT, but I want to use PC Suite. When I tried to connect for the first time a couple of days ago I got the following message:

This is the first time you have used PC Suite. Please attach your Nokia 7650 to the PC and press OK to continue, or press close to exit PC suite.

I then noticed my version of PC Suite wasn't compatible with XP, so I downloaded an updated version from the Nokia site. When I try to connect I get the same message. I can't for the life of me figure out the problem. mRouter is set to look at COM5 for my device, but it obviously isn't detecting it. Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks in advance.

willbrady 12-07-2003 07:40 AM

In your BT manager in the systray right click it and select quick connect-blue tooth serial port-your phone.

You may get an error at first but then mRouter will spring to life.

If you still have no joy do a search - theres a long discussion on the subject :)



ktay100 12-07-2003 01:21 PM

You are a flingin' flangin' genius. Works like a charm. Thanks :)

ktay100 12-07-2003 02:22 PM

Bugger, got another problem. I could connect when I first tried your solution, and my mRouter icon was flashing away like there was no tomorrow, but I now get an

'Error creating 'Bluetooth Serial Port' connection with device 'My Nokia' ' when I try to connect.

Any idea what the problem is?

willbrady 12-07-2003 02:49 PM

Yeah, mine does that sometimes, I just re-boot and it clears.
Thou it's not happened since I put on the lateast software update from Belkin.

Perhaps look on you BT makers site for new software - or do a search here and theres a link somewhere for the latest WIDCOMM drivers which a lot of people say helped them



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