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slitchfield 22-12-2009 03:39 PM

Vodafone data free for all from Dec 25th for the rest of the year!
Vodafone UK customers (PAYG and monthly) apparently all get free data from Christmas Day to New Years Day - yes, it's only 50p a day, but still a handy little stocking filler from the big V? And got to be handy for all those people unwrapping Vodafone-branded phones and wanting to try them out for free....

Read on in the full article.

sjgore 22-12-2009 03:45 PM

Are mobile phone companies re-writing the English language?

First we had "Unlimited Internet", limited to 1GB a month.
Then "Unlimited Texts", limited by most companies to 3000 a month.
Now we have "Free Internet" for 50p a day. And I bet it's only for WAP data and limited to 25MB, like Vodafone's last internet promotion.

What next? Free mobile phones for 300?

srw985 22-12-2009 04:16 PM

Isn't it normally just 50p per day, and its going to be free?

slitchfield 22-12-2009 04:21 PM

I believe it's normally 50p a day for "50MB", but that this isn't actually enforced. So few people exceed this, after all. Unless you try and download silly amounts, it's unlikely Vodafone would chew you out.

CtrlAltDel 22-12-2009 04:26 PM

The vodafone daily limit is 25Mb per day.

Also, I have seen some T&C stating that the free access only applies if you access via the access point.

sjgore 22-12-2009 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by srw985 (Post 452019)
Isn't it normally just 50p per day, and its going to be free?

Ah, I see. It saves 50p a day, I misread it. Still, it would be fairly easy to exceed the 25MB limit browsing the "proper" internet (rather than a mobile version).

stuclark 22-12-2009 09:20 PM

Vodafone DO enforce their data limits. And 50MB a day is *EASY*, according to my phone, I downloaded over 400MB last week.

You try streaming loads of stuff through the beloved iPlayer (over 3G, as you can on Voda) without going over 50MB a day...

slitchfield 23-12-2009 08:39 AM


I did go into this when the new system started. In fact, on their web site it says "If you go over your 25MB limit, we’ll get in touch – so you know where you stand." - well, they've never got in touch with me, anyway 8-)

andrewan 07-01-2010 04:01 AM

This is quite amazing as it would not only allow us to download more amount of data from internet but also with a great speed. This would make things quite easier for us and also not to spend more and more time waiting for downloading purpose.

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