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euphoria 23-06-2003 03:27 PM

Nokia 7650 Video Recorder!

Hi, I am new to this site and i need some help!
This problem may have already posted, sorted, then forgotten about.
So here it is! I have had Samsungs and other new mobiles but the Nokia 7650 is miles ahead! Purely because i can use it as business as well as pleasure!!

Problem, I downloaded the necessary files off Nokia's website (video recorder and player for pc) I use a MA-620 IR port, but i cannot upload the video clips to my pc!
I have tried e-mail as well , but that doesn't work (probably SP problems)
I have tried sending via IR, but to be honest i dont think i am doing that right!
Any ideas???

willbrady 23-06-2003 05:50 PM

to send via IR -
Line up the phone and IR port so you get a connection.
right click the file you want to send and choose 'send to' the 'infa red recipient' and thats it. Go to your inbox and click on the file to view it.

The file must be no bigger than 1 mb to do it this way and obviously in .3gp format.

To convert to .3gp you can use qucktime 6 (i think it's 6) and the 3gp plug in.

Best :)


euphoria 24-06-2003 11:02 AM

Thanks for that!!
But last thing i did last night before i left work is i downloaded Epochware file manager (all be it demo version) and hey presto!! It was able to scour my entire phone and uploaded it then via my IR!!!

Cheers Anyway,

I am well made up cos it has freed a lot of memory on my phone!!!


30-06-2003 08:46 AM

i'm amazed...
willbrady, how you do that your 7650 look that way? i have not done any in my celpone, only load some tones and pics and 1 apps.

euphoria, i installed efile manager and i succeded browsing my phone contents but i dont know how and what to delete in the files. there is 3 drives... c:, d: and z:. Some files have in c: and same in d:. dont know why. sorry, i'm new here and really dont know anything about my cellphone. Dont want to touch or delete anything as this might destroy my phone and my dad would be very angry then and might end up givin me 3310!

euphoria 30-07-2003 11:14 AM

My advice!
Dont delete any files that you are not sure about!!
Only delete files that are either:-

Application that you installed,
Pictures that you saved,
Video files.....etc

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