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lilserenity 29-05-2012 08:23 PM

E72 - Typing delay / lag on larger emails

I have recently moved to an E72, I wanted a phone with wifi and a digital compass (which my C5 lacked) so I have moved to this and I have to say I really like it.

Small downside though, I sometimes get some exceptionally large emails, long threads of conversation, for example one email is 20KB. It's all text, no HTML etc.

However when I add to the email at the top to reply on the phone, there is a very perceptible lag between typing and the characters appearing on the screen, it can be sometimes between 4-5 seconds behind and eventually it stops keeping up and loses track of keypresses.

I can only surmise it's the large email size? As on other emails it's fine. Cutting down the email conversation length might be one idea but something that's not (to my knowledge) quick and easy to do on the phone (without holding down the down button for a long time with the shift key and then backspacing.)

The phone has no other apps open, just email, standard Nokia business theme (purple) with effects turned off.

Is this normal?

The software is updated to release 81, and I can't upgrade it any further.

Thanks in advance,

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