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slawmilcz 28-09-2007 10:13 PM

Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian
Does anybody have any experience with this software?

The newest version available in official Garmin web site supports only original bluetooth Garmin GPS.

But I have found the information that it can support internal GPS as well.


bartmanekul 29-09-2007 10:26 AM

Interesting. Id like to hear more if anyone knows about this, such as functions (speed cameras? POI alerts? traffic alerts? Etc).

slawmilcz 29-09-2007 11:05 AM

I'm suprised, nobody knows about it, as it is an application which can compete with TomTom.

Here some other useful links:

bartmanekul 30-09-2007 03:03 PM

The garmin site itself is a POS for info on that. Doesnt even say what version it is.

Im tempted to try it, but the garmin website dropdown lists lots of mobiles (including nokias) but not the 6110 (my phone) or the N95.

So Im a bit hesitant about it working with the integreated GPS just because that website says.

I might investigate more on Monday, if I get the time.

slawmilcz 30-09-2007 07:06 PM

The most important links to download the application:

- Garmin Mobile XT Support Files software version 4.xx.xx as of July 11, 2007

- Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 software version 4.10.20 as of June 21, 2007

- Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap software version 4.xx.xx as of April 19, 2007

The most important statements:
- Provide support for Nokia E90, Nokia 6110 and Nokia N95 devices.
- This update does not add support for built-in GPS receivers.

Application works only with the original Garmin's GPS (Garmin Mobile™ 10 for smartphones)

There is a newer version of application available in Thailand Garmin web site,
but it doesn't support built-in GPS either.

There is no Garmin GPS proxy for Symbian available yet. :frown:

bartmanekul 01-10-2007 09:04 AM

Mmm, I think I'll give it a miss. As much as Id like to review it for you people, it looks like it doesnt work with the internal.

Also, I cant see if it supports speed camera alerts. Its got POI, but it doesnt say anything about adding your own or being able to set distance warnings to POI either.

Although in theory, the new version of tomtom for symbian should be out this month or November.

bartmanekul 01-10-2007 09:31 AM

1 Attachment(s)
So, does anyone want to try it? ;)

This is the convo I had with the guy from the store thats selling it, as slawmilcz originally posted.

bartmanekul 01-10-2007 10:48 AM

Oh come on, some bugger must be willing to part with 50 rubs to give us a little demo?

Or at least contribute to my paypal account so I can!

slawmilcz 01-10-2007 05:34 PM

You can always install all the stuff given in tthe links above and see how the application looks like, everything .... apart from GPS navigation ;).
The user interface and graphics looks very well. :-)
It can also be seen in one of the links, which I provided in my previous posts.

I didn't know that the version which supports internal GPS is already available in the market. It is stated in the web site:
"To be notified when this exciting new product becomes available, please enter your e-mail address and/or mobile phone number below and click on 'Submit'. We'll let you know for free by e-mail or SMS text message the moment it comes into stock."

bartmanekul 01-10-2007 05:37 PM

Im not sure, I reckon navigon looks nicer to navigate by.

And yeah, I saw that and thought odd. Perhaps its not available yet, and he was just answering questions about it. :dontknow:

I might try it out. If it doesnt work with the internal GPS, they can damnwell take it back!

Contributions welcome!

I dont spose you know if it supports full postcode search? I forgot to ask him.

Got most the way through the order process, but it doesnt tell you about the product not being available. So...dunno.

bartmanekul 05-10-2007 03:16 PM

The thing is with sites that have google checkout, is that its too fucking easy.

D4n958GB 30-11-2007 02:54 PM

I have got a copy of Garmin XT at such a good price, I had to buy it. It works very well, interface as good as Tomtom and the thing I like about, is that if you choose to go to a resturant, it gives you the full address and contact numbers too.

Just need to work out how to get speed camera database installed. Any ideas? In PIO menu it has the option enabled, but will not show them up.

3Shirts 30-11-2007 02:59 PM

So it does support N95's internal GPS?

tom1807 30-11-2007 03:02 PM

Don't ask why, but i had the same problem until today.
But today suddenly GarminXT decided to warn me, but I haven't changed anything.
Maybe needs some days to think about whether should warn or not.

And yes, it works on my N95.


surfshag 30-11-2007 03:04 PM

I have it on my N95. working great with the internal GPS.


There is a patch to install that makes it work with the internal.

I have tried this and route 66 and I must say this is much better .


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