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s12vaa 11-03-2005 02:18 PM

Nokia 6630 Bluetooth problem!!!
I am gettin really annoyed with my Nokia 6630 disconnecting from my bluetooth headset (HS-4W unit) regularly after 10-15 mins of a conversation.

I have had the bluetooth headset exchanged for a brand new one, and also had the handset replaced. Still the same problem keeps occurring.

I've even just had a software update by a Nokia service centre and the problem is still there!

Can someone please help me to cure this crazy problem!!!!!!

Celebrity mania 29-04-2009 01:38 PM

Nokia 6630 Bluetooth problem!!!
I saw some thread about bluetooth problem on 6630. I got one as below.

My midlet searches for serial port service on other devices and connects to the BTGPS reciever. It successfuly does first couple of, off, len) or read(b), then the whole midlet crashes. The DataInputStream is derived from a StreamConnection.

I saw someone else got the same problem and wondering if any possible solution.

Or, is it a bug of nokia's software?

cherylin 27-06-2009 10:17 AM

How do I use the bluetooth feature of my cellphone with my computer and what do I need to do it? I have a Motorola E815 phone that has a bluetooth feature on it. I am completely new to the concept of bluetooth and its still pretty vague to me. I'm supposed to be able to connect with my computer to transfer data and files, right?(Mainly phone book, but maybe some pictures as well.) Is there some sort of receiver or transmitter that is supposed to hook up to the computer? Or just a setting possibly that I need to adjust on the computer? And does it matter if that phone is not activated at the moment?

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