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betatester 06-03-2003 12:03 AM

Annoying registration method
Today I bought 'Billable Buddy from 'Mastersoft Mobile Solutions' and after starting the program, a registration code is generated. I had to send this code via email to 'Mastersoft Mobile Solutions' and they returned me an unlock code.

This evening I uninstalled the program from my memory card and reinstalled on the internal memory. I ran the program but another registration code was generated and my original unlock code did not work anymore.

I found out that after every reinstall another registration code is generated and every time you have to request another unlock code via email. I think this is very frustating, time consuming and unacceptable for a 'time billing program'

If people hate these annoying registration methods, then I have only 1 advice. Stay far away from 'Mastersoft Mobile Solutions' software :evil:

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