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longtalker 17-08-2009 12:18 PM

Java applications produce no sound on Symbian phone
Hey everyone,

On my old Nokia 6230i, I was able to use Java applications such as Guitar Mobile Tools ( ) to tune my guitar, find chords, etc. I now have a Symbian smpartphone (Nokia N85), and Guitar Mobile Tools is no longer able to produce any sound, even though it is set to maximum volume from the application settings. The phone's volume is also set to maximum, and any other sound applications (e.g. Music Player) are turned off.

I tried about 5 other similar Java-based applications (as I could not find any Symbian guitar tuning applications), and all of them are "muted". I also tried everything on another Symbian (N95 8GB), with the same results.

Why are Java apps not producing any sound on a Symbian phone but work perfectly on an S40? I would very much appreciate any advice - thanks in advance.

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