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jasegee 14-11-2005 08:14 PM

wont start past splash screen
ok guys heres one to tax your brains

p910i all updated no problems untill now
insalled xp.utz fie (theme) restarted the phone and now i cant even get past the splash screen

any ideas how to reset the phone ?
cant use dock or Bluetooth due to the fact that its not got past the splash screen

its a british O2 handset


anyhelp here guys would be great ?>

ohh i cant get the cda number cus i cant get pastthe splash screen

i need to format ..... help

buster 21-11-2005 09:24 AM

Is it possible that the theme you've installed ALSO changed the splash video? I remember reading somewhere that if the video shown as a splash screen is not in a very specific format, the phone becomes unusable.

Cheers, Ian.

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