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r1chyluke 28-07-2003 01:35 AM

had a HUGE problem wit 7650 this weekend
posting this for a coupla reasons, 1)to let people know in case it happens to them and 2)so i can prevent it from happening again, apologies if it has been covered before but i didn't find anything in the search
with that being said......i woke up on saturday morning and i went to check the time on my phone and the phone suddenly said system error and the screen disappeared and i mean there was nothing there just a screen that lit up. i constantly tried restarting it and each time i turned on the phone there were a lot of blue lines but not the normal screen, i knew the phone was working fine because i could still hear it taking pictures or playing ringtones, i left it for a day and then put in the charger and switched it on, the phone eventually came on and the screen was there but it was messed up, when i went between the normal screen and the menu the phone would crash, finally i uninstalled the newest program i had put on which i assumed was the problem and that was screensaver and after another 25 minutes the phone was back to normal but i still don't know what caused it to crash like that, does anybody have any ideas or was it a freak of nature? by the way im runnin v3.12

N/A 28-07-2003 07:23 AM

Very old software release on your phone. Anyway, hard to say what caused your problem without knowing more about what you installed on it (sure looks like whatever app it was, it is at least partially to blame).

Install it again and if the problem reappears, then you know. ;)

r1chyluke 28-07-2003 12:08 PM

i haven't reinstalled the screensaver but the problem arose again last night after i posted, i left the phone off and after i left the house i switched it on and it was working fine, i think it might be a combination of temperature issues and software issues, im going to back up everythin and then get a firmware upgrade and hope that fixes the problem

GhostDog 28-07-2003 12:12 PM

v 3.12 was the first public version,very buggy!I advise you to upgrade your device ASAP.v 3.12 is know for the memory full bug,if you store too much data on the phone,it will crash and it will no boot.The only cure for that is NSC,in one in a milion cases,skiping the boot procedure might work.

As for your problem,like N/A said,its really hard to tell.

r1chyluke 28-07-2003 12:42 PM

alrite thanx anyway i appreciate it :) i'll upgrade and let you know if the problem is still there

euphoria 28-07-2003 02:13 PM

Just read about you firmware problems!!
I was thinking of updateing my version, but i dont seem to have any problems at all with my phone since i got it!!
The version of my software is V3.16 & the date 15/08/02, until now i have not had any software problems, apart from that stupid Skinz programme but i soon got rid of that and needed to re-format my fone with no probs.

Q: Do you recommend i stick to this software version?

Cheers :D

GhostDog 28-07-2003 03:28 PM

V 3.16 was pretty stable although in v 4.39 there were some major bug fixes and changes in log management resulting with better performance.If you don't have any problems with it,I guess upgrade isn't all that necessary.Usually,I always try to have the latest firmware version installed.

liverpool lad 28-07-2003 03:35 PM

I 'd agree with Ghostdog, go for the latest f/w. I started off with 3.16 & found that 4.39 was a lot more stable, and faster too, better log management.

That said, after a recent visit to the national repair centre the device now has 4.47 (not 4.46), and to be honest, 4.39 seemed more stable (this hangs a bit like 3.16 did, the oplogo comes and goes...). I'll shortly be doing a hard reset to see if it clears things up

euphoria 30-07-2003 11:04 AM

I think i will stick to what i already have!! Unless it goes all 'belly up' on me!
Q: Does anyone know a preferential place to go to upgrade it??

liverpool lad 30-07-2003 11:55 AM

If you're thinking about an upgrade, I'd suggest you get a list of the ones nearest to you from the support bit of, then ask them what version of the f/w they have, and if they can do it while you wait (& how long that is).

They should not charge you, since you say the phone's hanging all the time, hence it's under guarantee. But these questions will let you see just how good they are.

Flashing takes theoretically 20 minutes, but budget on an hour as a reasonable time.

If they are really good, they'll even restore your data & settings for you, although you can obviously do that yourself from your backup.

euphoria 31-07-2003 04:19 PM

Thanx for the info!
Will make enquiries soonest!

LiverpoolLad in Madrid!! You dont play for Real do you????? lol

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