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Twinnie 22-11-2007 03:56 PM

Hacking Android onto S60
What does everyone reckon the odds could be of someone getting Android running on an S60 phone in the future? I assume it'd need slightly different builds for each phone model but could a release be made that would allow it to be a simple enough process for somewhat regular users to accomplish?

I know Nokia haven't ruled out join the OHA but while they've got so much time and money invested in Symbian it's gonna take a lot of convincing.

nj7 22-11-2007 05:59 PM

Boy... Android... Like the CEO of MSsaid, it´s only a paper, nothing else, and you already think about put that paper inside an S60 device:rolleyes:

Twinnie 22-11-2007 06:15 PM

It was just a speculative thing, less about Android and more about how deep you can get software into the S60 phones.

zesky 04-12-2007 09:07 AM

i don' t think it is possible.
Symbian and Android are Os based on different device design. More detail you could refer to one book called symbian internls.

Dynite 12-12-2007 09:38 AM

As far as I understand it, Android's 3rd party applications will be written in 'google android java' (gava?).

I think it'd be fairly simple to create some kind of gava kernel extension to symbian which would basically plug the android stuff into symbian.

Afterall java is just a VM, I can't see that there'd be any major technical reason that would prohibit gava vm running on symbian.

obviously it wouldn't be as simple as all that but in essence totally possible i think.

However how plausable? Symbian already has java (in various forms).
In terms of performance Symbian C++ is always going to be the quickest way to run your program and also its the only way to get access to things that require capabilities.

zhubham 27-03-2009 10:58 AM

“All SYMBIAN based end devices accept Java language Applications ::need clarification

Since u guys have been thinking about it 2 years back, i feel maybe u can help me the best with my following queries:

“All SYMBIAN based end devices accept Java language Applications”

(i) Does this mean that the applications made for Android would run in S60 , without any modifications??
(ii) If not then what exactly we mean when we say the above statement?? Is there any web link to which I can refer to??
(iii) What are the coding guidelines that we need to follow so that an Android application can be ported on S60 with minimum changes??

Thank you all in advance.

Best Regards,

N/A 27-03-2009 01:49 PM

(i) No. Android uses its own Java virtual machine and libraries and is not directly compatible with the J2ME (MIDP/CLDC) world.

(ii) Symbian based devices generally support J2ME (MIDP/CLDC) and related JSRs. For specific Java specs (JSRs) that Symbian based devices support, refer to the manufacturer's web sites. E.g., for Nokia's devices based on Symbian, see

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