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DXMachina 07-11-2009 12:48 PM

N79 - backup app to sync to Remote Drive ? (online backup)

My first post so apologies if I miss anything I should include

I use the Jungledisk backup app on my computers to sync my data to Amazon S3. I also use the Jungledisk Plus S3 front-end service that allows web and WebDAV access to my S3 storage

I have managed to configure Jungledisk Plus's webDAV in my N79 as a Remote drive so I can access my online backups like I would a memory card,however this provides none of the backup functions of the Jungledisk software client, just read/write access.

What i would like to do now is find a Symbian backup application which will sync my local folders (or at least some of them) to a Backup folder on the remote drive. Ideally it should compare local and remote and only copy over files which are newly created - I already use Google Sync to keep my PIM, webmail and phone in sync. Having some sort of cumulative backup app would remove the last regular reason I have to do bluetooth syncs against my computer (I dont like to be dependent on any individual bit of kit)

Has anyone done this before or got a recommendation? I'm not averse to paying for software if it works well. I tried SymSync as from its description it was the most likely to work - it doesnt. Can't read locally mounted WebDAV drives apparently.

thanks in advance

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