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Delta737 19-07-2004 01:51 PM

Forum a bit outdated...
I got a bit of a complaint. I think the forum is kind of outdated.

1: There are 2 new nokia series 60 phones announced (6260, 6630) some time ago and there are still no seperate forums for those phones
2: There is still a Samsung SGH D700 forum, while it is clear that this phone is cancelled. A D710 is announced.
3: The P910 is announced so it could have its own forum (or shared forum with the P900, but since it was only released this week I can understand why it still isn't updated...)
4: The BenQ P31 is announced as well, and could get a shared forum with the P30 IMO

Well, don't take it personal Rafe, or any of the mods, but this is just the way I feel about it. Perhaps any of you guys could update the forum...

Anyone feels the same?

GhostDog 19-07-2004 02:49 PM


Anyone feels the same?
Probably :redface:

Delta737 19-07-2004 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by GhostDog
Probably :redface:

Well, if you do, isn't it "within your power" to change those things?

Rafe 19-07-2004 03:38 PM

Good call. I'll sort this out later this evening. There is a brief thought that we might want to stop the mushrooming number of forums (and have it as UI based instead), but not sure on this.

Please keep complainging! It keeps us on our toes.

Delta737 19-07-2004 04:21 PM

Thanx for looking into it!

Personally I kind off like the amount of forums. Otherwise the problems and questions of all phones of the same UI get a bit mixed up (like on Howardforums which is especially bad for the S60 forum). Although there could be an extra "General UI" section (like general UIQ, S60, S80 etc.). I know there already is one, but a lot off people seem to be missing that, so maybe something a bit more "obvious"

evobit 20-07-2004 04:40 AM

While you're on the subject.. I wasn't going to say anything about this buuutttt...

The main page has a similar problem - the window title bar is rather outdated, as is the 'news by category' on the left hand side...

Delta737 21-07-2004 03:36 PM

Thanks for changing all the things I mentioned (and even more!!) :D

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