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GT42R 27-07-2012 11:54 PM

Trouble debranding N86 w/ Nemesis NSS "reading values... ERROR!"
Hi, hope someone may be able to help.

I am trying to change the product code/debrand my nokia N86-3 from rogers (canada).

I have debranded a few N95 8gb's in the past successfully with nemesis NSS.

Every time, I had the same problem though. Which is, launch NSS > Scan new devices > Read Product Code > Reading Values... ERROR!

To fix it, I uninstalled all my the nokia drivers/ovi/software on my windows XP pc. I then installed an older version of nokia pc connectivity drivers (, launched NSS again, and it would work like a charm.

So I brought my N86 home today, attempted to run nemesis NSS with the latest ovi suite drivers. Error.
I then uninstalled all the nokia software on my PC, and installed the old connectivity drivers I always fell back on when debranding N95's.
Same thing, Error in NSS.

So I uninstalled those drivers, and installed the original drivers that came with the included disc in the n86 box.
Same thing, error in NSS.

I performed a hard reset. Didn't help.

Any ideas how I can change the product code/debrand my N86 by solving the Nemesis NSS "reading values... error!" error?

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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