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AndrzejL.PCLOS 27-07-2011 10:07 PM

How can I change file associations in Nokia N73
Hi folks.

I have installed the DivX player on my N73 and I would like it to take over all the media files however I cannot find a way to remove real player or to get divx player to play videos by default. How would one accomplish this? Maybe other player does it better then DivX player? Maybe there is a association changing app? I was googling for a good few hours now and I cannot find anything useful. I have found some old posts on this forum yet they were not helpful.

Thanks in advance.


N/A 28-07-2011 08:14 AM

I recall that either Y-Task or Y-Browser had a feature that allowed this:

On Symbian (which is what the N73 is based on), the file associations are actually handled as MIME header types, and special programs called "recognizers" that know how to handle a specific file type (e.g., which program to launch). There is no built-in mechanism for a phone user to edit/change these, but a developer can write such support (as I remember one or the other of the aforementioned apps does, but it might also have restrictions as to what it can do in this respect).

AndrzejL.PCLOS 28-07-2011 09:03 AM

Hi N/A.

The Y-Tasks can do it yes - but only in the signed version from ovi that costs €2... and surprise surprise I don't have / need credit card and I won't be getting one for a ovi store app. I think it was all for the best.

Y-Browser allows to change the associations within the browser and when I got mp4 files associated with DivX player they would not play.

Moral of the story is - DivX player never took over the file associations coz it cannot play mp4 files.

Last night I found the helix player project and I have noticed that they have the version 3.0 available for my Nokia N73 - everything was sweet till I didn't realized that You need to be registered / logged in to download their apps... Eh ok. I have registered quickly. One more step... confirming the e-mail addy. I received the e-mail and clicked on the link and was asked for a login and password...


Home > Error
Access denied

Credentials you entered do not correspond to valid account.
The same credentials entered in the next tab are giving me errors about account waiting for e-mail validation so they were fine. 3 different browsers / Copying pasting of the validation link... Changing the password to something simple / stupid... I tried to get this working for 45 mins last night and gave up... (I have registered with multiple sites / forums before... I know my way around registration processes...)


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