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djk21 15-04-2004 10:24 AM

STILL cant set mp3s as ringtones...
just to say ive hardly ever posted before because all of my questions have already been asked then answered!!!

using the search function i almost found what i wanted -

i followed the advice given on this forum and uninstalled ultramp3 so that i could use my mp3s as ringtones once again. but, however, they are still not avaliable from the ringtone list!!!

does anyone hav ideas of what to do?

ive had my ngage since a week after it was released and this is my first hiccup! (touchwood)

please help!


SAbz911 20-04-2004 06:21 PM

Possibly youve already got it sorted, but if not try formating the phone *#7370#

Theres a possibility that some of ultramp3 is installed or maybe another program is causing problems with the mp3s.

If that dont work, then its either the mp3s your using or you may need to send your phone to a NSC


Lemmi150570 17-06-2004 04:38 PM

Having the same problem as djk21 I tried the *#7370# trick already - but where do I get the key from that I´m forced to enter before it resets? I still have my original box and all documentation, there´s no sign of a key anywhere! At least I think I know now what caused the problem because I had shitty ultramp3 installed for one day or two, too...


Raven 17-06-2004 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by Lemmi150570
where do I get the key from that I´m forced to enter before it resets?


Lemmi150570 18-06-2004 07:51 AM


Bur overall that was not a real good idea:
- My calendar is erased and copying the calendar file do MMC and back after the reset did not do the trick - shit!
- mp3s did not reappear for selection as ringtones

Anyway, good to know how to reset the thing.

BTW some people here assumed it could be the 256MB card but re-inserting the 32 MB Card that came with it did not help. And the mp3 files are definitely not corrupt, they worked fine whith the NGage for 2-3 weeks.


arvin1 18-06-2004 09:04 AM

i had the same problem, couldnt set an aac or mp3 as ringtone.
the problem with me was realplayer advance.i installed it on the mmc and after i uninstalled it my ringtones came back!
u can try that or if ou have another software which uses your mp3s u need to get rid of the whole thing

Lemmi150570 18-06-2004 10:25 AM

Hi Arvin1,

But how to get rid of it?

I reformatted the MMCs (256 and 32 MB) and tried to restore C:\ to a first-time bootup state by using the *#7370# command. But this seems not to clean up C:\ completely.

The strange thing about losing the mp3-as-ringtone feature is that when I realized for the first time that mp3s are not selectable any more there was still an mp3 selected and was played when someone called. So I assume there has to be some configuration file where you still can manually enter the ringtone path, which would be perfectly O.K. for me. But what file do I have to edit?


Raven 18-06-2004 10:43 AM

Just a small question; where are your MP3s installed? Mine are in E:\Sounds\Digital, and I've never had a problem setting one as a ringtone.

Lemmi150570 21-06-2004 10:16 AM

I tried

E:\Sounds\Digital, C:\Sounds\Digital, C:\ and E:\
both C:\ and E:\ worked fine in the beginning, now none of the paths work - just as ringtones, to mention that again, the music player finds and plays them.
This weekend I had some funny experience, though: I switched on the phone, it booted and said something like "System Error: Main closed" - and during that session I could set my mp3s as ringtones again! Having done that I rebooted again because no application was available. This time it booted normally, the selected mp3 (located in E:\) is still there and is being played when someone calls but again, I do not see it or other mp3s in the ringtones list. I am beginning to believe there´s something seriously wrong with my firmware.


blindpilot 21-06-2004 03:33 PM

if you asign a especific ring to for one of your contacs try eresing the conact and set it up again cuz sometimes if you asing the back up,fact restore,restore backup, the problem will still be there so eliminate the bad contacs and try the same again

djk21 22-06-2004 07:09 PM

hi all, just came back to check my thread and thankyou for your replies...

i managed to fix the problem. i had uninstalled ultramp3, but i found that remnants of the ultramp3 sis file were still left on my MMC and internal memory. after deleting these with fexplorer i rebooted and now i can select mp3s as ringtones!!

thanks for your help anyway!

k2bk2bk2b 24-06-2004 07:43 AM

does this work on QD as well? or not?

eruin 26-06-2004 03:13 AM

pls try this
yeah dude i ever have this problem before, i can't make my mp3 as my ringtone, maybe you can try my tips:
first, if you use a audio editing software to compress or to convert your mp3 file, pls convert it as a common encoder,or pls set as default, or ......simple...just do not edit your mp3 files.
second,pls defrag your mmc card, on your pc. but in my case before with my mmc, my mmc are corrupted( i mean there is no unavailable space that gone, but my mmc will normal if i reboot my ngage).
thew third is,................
i ever store 32 mp3's on my mmc,and the result i can find my mp3 list on myringtone list, and on the other day, i just store 6 mp3's on my mmc.and then later i check my ringtone list.........emmmmm thanks god, i can find it completely.and pls do not use *#7370# if it is not urgent and just use it after you already know that your problem is not on your mmc, ok.

-thank you-

blindpilot 26-06-2004 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by eruin
second,pls defrag your mmc card, on your pc. but in my case before with my mmc, my mmc are corrupted( i mean there is no unavailable space that gone, but my mmc will normal if i reboot my ngage).

i dont know bout this if you mess whit your card whit your PC via USB cable connection youll only gonna get a headhache so i dont recomend

the thing its that aparently the formating on the PC use fat 36 and the n-gage wont recognize this and youll have to get and external reader so me on this one NOT A GOOD IDEA

fxrockz 14-01-2005 05:48 PM

hi can any one tell me how to set mp3 as ringtone in ngage qd plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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