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torklemm 05-01-2003 12:10 PM

Sync with Outlook XP and Exchange Server profile
Hi, I ran into trouble synchronizing it with my Outlook XP.
I use Outlook with MS Exchange Server for our corporate e-mail and therefore run Outlook with a Exchange connection profile with the option to connect 'online' to the Exchange server (contacts, calendar, notes and task are stored on the server) or 'offline', where a copy of the contacts, calendar, notes and task data is store locally on the PC.
I was not able to get the synchronization to work. When I connect my P800 and start to synchronize, Outlook prompts me with 'online' or 'offline' mode, either mode I select, Outlook prompts me with 'another program is trying to access the database' which I allow with 'yes'. The PC then shows some very heavy HD activity, like building a database, while the synchronization software say 'initializing'. At that point nothing else happens, after around 1 hour the sync software says 'synchronization completed' but no data was transferred.
I found a workaround, by copying my contacts, calendar, notes and task data into a new outlook .pst file, and use this .pst file in a non-exchange server connecting profile with outlook. Telling the sync software to use this new profile the synchronization works well. As I have to copy any changes in my contacts, calendar, notes and task data manually to the extra .pst file, this solution is not very satisfying.
I would appreciate any hint, help or suggestion how to solve this.

Thanks and best regards

06-01-2003 12:01 PM

Solution on Revo+
On my Psion Revo+ I have a simular problem. Their the workaround is to do the syncronisation before outlook is started. I don't know if it will work, but you can try.

07-03-2003 03:08 PM

You could also try to work around this problem by checking the following microsoft support doc at:;EN-US;q290499

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