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slitchfield 19-09-2007 07:08 AM

Mobhappy's take on the iPhone
Not directly Symbian-relevant, but now that the Apple iPhone has been announced in the UK, Carlo at Mobhappy, one of our respected friends in the industry and a long time Symbian and S60 stalwart, has put his thoughts down a week after switching from S60 to using a iPhone as his main device. Summary: I reckon he's about to switch back?

Read on in the full article.

Tzer2 19-09-2007 10:34 AM

It seems to be pretty clear now that the iPhone (in its present form) is definitely not a power user's phone, and the price is definitely not a casual user's price. That may explain Apple's recent drastic price cut of the iPhone in the US.

There's a very interesting point made in the mobhappy article:

"I’m still not convinced that Apple has a long-term winner on its hands, without significant improvements and a much lower price — particularly now that the iPod touch has been released."

The iPod Touch has the wifi browser and the iPod functionality of the iPhone, but for a much lower upfront price and with no contract. This could well cannibalise the iPhone's market, as these two functions are the iPhone's main selling points. Some people have even talked about buying an iPhone to use it just for wifi browsing and music, in which case they'd definitely be buying an iPod Touch instead. You can't browse the web through the phone network with the iPod Touch, but if the iPhone can only do 2G speeds then that isn't going to be a huge loss.

Obviously Apple would still get lots of cash from iPod Touch sales, but it won't be as much as from iPhone sales, and there would be no revenue stream coming in after the sale either (hardly anyone actually buys from iTunes so that can be pretty much ignored).

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