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gunnar-p800 11-12-2002 02:08 AM

Notes on P800 Java support
hello, here is a URL
to a thread where I briefly explain the P800 Java characteristics.


ginomi 11-12-2002 11:03 AM

Sorry for double posting... ;-)


Originally Posted by gunnar-p800

P800 does not ship with support for JavaPhone although the developer can develop and run such apps in the UIQ SDK emulator.


I was surprised when I've not found the Javaphone API in my P800 (pre-release fw). But I thought that depended on the sw version...
Also in the final release not there will be the support for the Javaphone API? There will be a separate package to install?

Regarding C++ developement, I see a lot of header file missing in the final UIQ SDK, what mean? We cannot use some C++ API?

tnx for your reply,


DmX 11-12-2002 11:33 AM

a good review about the java characteristics in the P800

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