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rdcinhou 29-01-2011 03:15 PM

Novia Beta Labs RSS Reader app
I saw a recent post on another board about this new app for subscribing and reading RSS Feeds on your Symbian handset (including the N97).

I downloaded and installed it.

BIG disappointment:

1. Takes up 8 MB on C: drive (when will you learn Nokia?)

2. Only pulls THREE (3) feeds at a time from each feed (some of the ones that I subscribe-to in the Browser do TWENTY-FIVE (25) at a time.

3. Requires a LOGIN to Ovi in order to function (WHY, Nokia?).

While it looks pretty and provides more formatting than the Browser RSS Feed function and they do offer a directory of Feeds up on Ovi to subscribe-to, it just isn't worth the while.

Another looks-pretty, but underwhelmingly underfunctional bit of software from the programmers at Nokia Beta Labs.

***postscript*** - 6+ MB is taken up by Qt and the loader, etc. QT applications bring a lot of "baggage" to your C: drive. Looks like it is time to do a hard reset and reload only the essentials from scratch (again!) just to get rid of the clutter. Why can't Nokia design this stuff to run from the E: drive to save space?

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