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PaulyLaw 04-09-2007 09:09 PM

Registration codes - the old debate continues
OK, so I figured I had to get something off my chest that I have been thinking about for a while ...

Like many other geeks here .. oops, sorry I mean Symbian entheusiasts(!!) .. I have yet again upgraded my phone (this time N95 to E90) and went through the process of syncronising my data (which thanks to the now the fairly mature PC Suite was pretty much completely painless) and re-installing my applications and it occured to me that I have gone from a prolific shareware users to only really using a very few selected application.

Why the decline? Because of the restrictive registration policies of shareware authors.

I have found that moving from one phone to another is now such a pain I have found myself either becoming pretty creative in the way I use the built in applications to achieve what I used to look to 3rd party application for, or just lowering my standards and making do because I do not want to become dependent on an application that I may not be able to use in the future.

Why is it some get it so right and some get it so wrong?

Take my move today. I reinstalled Agile Messenger, got online, and the software automatically recognised that I had bought a licence for my mobile number and gave me full access. No fuss whatsoever. Same thing with Handy Weather. Handy Safe good as gold with my registration code .. QuickOffice? Not on your nelly. "Our policy is not to allow transfers from one device to another". You what! Why not! $50 and you have to shell out again, even if your phone is faulty .. and there are many more with a similar policy.

This is a debate that has been going on for years and years. As the founder of one of the original Psion shareware houses (Palmscape, right after RMR Software, just before Neuon. Remember those days?!?) I remember advising our authors years ago not to be too restrictive in the registration processes. At the end of the day honest people will always be honest, people wishing to rip you off will always find a way. Like the ongoing DRM debate with music and video files, it tends to be the honest consumer who suffers.

So, as a direct result of trying to protect their software from piracy manufacturers and authors have actually succeeded in drastically reducing my purchases because its just such a chore to change devices.

I know this post almost certainly wont change anything, but I wonder if any other users out there have had similar experiences?

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