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MikeStrand 02-07-2009 10:58 PM

nokia maps installation problem
i downloaded and installed the nokia map loader and got the uk map into my phone with no problem and was using it,
tonight i decided to add more maps and started to download them but my pc froze half way through the download.
i rebooted my pc and tried again but a message keeps popping up in the map loader programme telling me the connection has been interupted and i should check my internet connection and try later.
even though i'm still connected to nokia pc suite and can surf the web this message keeps popping up.
i tried uninstalling map loader and installing again but still get this message.
ive got the latest 3.0 version.

MikeStrand 03-07-2009 09:54 AM

ive searched the internet for hours to find many people with this problem but no solution,
ive called nokia to ask for help and after waiting for 20 minutes to an insane tune i just got disconnected.
i called back and after waiting 15 minutes a guy asked me my phone model, he then put me back on hold and one hour !! later i just gave up and hung up.
this is driving me crazy.

Anthony67 20-11-2011 12:03 AM

Nokia MAPS trouble
Hi, I just read your post and although I think you probably figured it out by now, I wll post my answer just in case other users with the same problem may read it:

some of the "bigger" countries (Germany, Italy, France, Russia, USA, etc.) are composed by states or regions which can be downloaded separately. In order to do this click on the small black arrow to the left of such a country and the list of regions will open under the country's name. you can now select them one by one. 'Hope I could help :-)


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