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slitchfield 22-07-2008 01:13 PM

Smart in the Real World - the Nokia N95 takes on allcomers
Looking at real world usability of the current (smart)phone flagships...

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GSi-R 22-07-2008 01:20 PM

There is an error in your link Steve.

slitchfield 22-07-2008 01:28 PM

A dozen Real World Tasks - the Nokia N95 8GB takes on all-comers
Spec-sheet comparisons are all very well, but how good are the Nokia N95 8GB, the Apple iPhone 3G and the HTC Diamond in real life? The AAS team has come up with a dozen things that we all like to do with our phones and Steve was then set to accomplishing all of them on all three devices. Can the sheer usability and likeability of the iPhone triumph over Nokia's N95 design and S60? Is the HTC Touch Diamond a competitor here? Find out in the full usability feature.

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lynchem 22-07-2008 01:57 PM

making a call ?
I generally use my phone for... er.... making phone calls ! I had a shoot out with my iPhone wielding friend and gunned him down easy with my N82.

Another category you should have included is "Fitting the phone in your pocket alongside your wallet". :)

Enfors 22-07-2008 02:34 PM

S60 doesn't have true push email, does it?
As far as I know, S60 doesn't have any sort of push email support, only poll (automatically though, every X minutes). Correct me if I'm wrong. Marketers often call this setup "push email", but it isn't. It's automatic polling every X minutes.

Push email is when the client (read: phone) never asks the server if there is any new mail. Instead, the server contacts the client (pushes the mail to it), telling the client that a new mail has arrived.

Burcrim 22-07-2008 02:43 PM

Install SkyeQuiKey ot T9 Nav and you can get an alarm set or a new meeting in a lot less clicks.

Nexus1974 22-07-2008 03:12 PM

Push email via Mail for Exchange
S60 does support push email via Mail for Exchange and I use with our Kerio email server on my N95 8GB and it works well.

You do however require the server to support push email (Kerio, Exchnage Server etc) which is more important.

In my mind its not really than much better than poll every 15 mins as long as you have an unlimited data contract.

Unregistered 22-07-2008 04:05 PM

i still buy Iphone
I have been a nokia fan for last 15 years. but i think nokia has lost this battle hands down to apple. I will switch to 3g iphone as soon as unlocked version is available.
BTW i am not a fan N95 as i find the design cluncky and too gimicky to be practical.

Nemoi 22-07-2008 04:23 PM

thanks a lot for that comparison. I am thinking right now about getting a new mobile phone (or computer really, since what I do least on it is using the phone function ;), and for a while, as a long time Macuser, I was set on the iPhone. Then a friend of mine got it, and I really did not get a long with the touch keyboard at all. Now I finally understand why some people put so much emphasis on the 'use it with one hand' aspect. I also did not find web-browsing that much more convenient than on my e51 (except the screen size, of course).
Anyway, the game for me is now between the N95 8Gb and the upcoming N96. I hope you do a comparison on those two as well. But it probably comes down to the price of the N96, which might be a deal braker...

m_vitaly 22-07-2008 04:51 PM

My N95 does support IMAP IDLE on GMail.
And there's almost no difference between IMAP IDLE and Push email.
It has to be supported by your server, though.

Tzer2 22-07-2008 04:55 PM


I have been a nokia fan for last 15 years.
Really? Since 1993? What was your first Nokia phone?


But it probably comes down to the price of the N96, which might be a deal braker...
I would wait a month or two after it launches, like most phones the price is probably going to drop very steeply after the early adopters have bought theirs.

Menneisyys 22-07-2008 05:47 PM


Playback is a little jerky at times, but watchable, full-screen.
Yup - while Flash Lite 3 is much better than the full Flash 7 on Windows Mobile (see my Youtube Bible for more info if interested - ), it indeed doesn't deliver stuttering-less video.


Going via YouTube's mobile site failed miserably, with the streaming 3GP version failing to get past my Wi-Fi router. Plan C is YouTube's very own S60 client, Java-based - this installed fine but then (despite correct RealPlayer settings) it too failed to stream its video through my router's firewall.
Yup, but that isn't the problem of these clients. About 70-80% of cellular connections will work. Not that the 3GP "quality" would be worth writing home about. (See my RTSP and quality comparison-related comments in my articles, also discussed in the above Youtube Bible.)


Plan D (you can see where this is all going, can't you...) was to fire up the third party freeware Mobitubia, which managed to get Dancing Queen playing on-screen in 48 seconds from a cold start. Impressive, but - again - your average user may not know about such a useful piece of software. Score: 12 (uninspiring without going third party)
1. Mobitubia isn't strictly freeware any more - much as you can get it for donating as low as $1 (I've donated $10). Or, wait for the latest version become free.

2. CorePlayer is far better at playing back some (not all!) videos than Mobitubia. THere're some videos that are VERY jerky when played back in the latter. Its, as of version 1.2.5, only downside is the restricted number of hits, which isn't an issue with Mobitubia.

Menneisyys 22-07-2008 05:49 PM


Apple iPhone 3G: Next. There's no support at all for shooting video from the iPhone's camera. This is a showstopper for some, I'm sure. Sorry.... Score: 0


But what's fascinating is that this margin of 28 would be wiped out if the iPhone had had a decent camera that shot video clips.
There're third-party apps for the Apple to take videos.

Menneisyys 22-07-2008 05:57 PM


It's (the Diamond) a powerful Windows Mobile 6.1 business handheld shackled by a clumsy, slow and inelegant add-on UI
I don't think it's a business phone. Most (if not all) WM business phones have a thumbboard.

The Diamond is targeted at the same folks as iPhones and "toy", "elegant" phones. That is, an Average Joe knowing almost nothing about phones will most likely buy a Diamond (if he/she goes for WinMo, that is) and NOT some other WIndows Mobile device.

sdeetz 22-07-2008 05:59 PM

Pretty fair, but....
OK, as comparisons go that was pretty fair. However, since I am one of the lucky few that actually owns a iphone 3G and a Nokia N95 8GB, I have a couple of notes here.

(I actually have a Samsung Blackjack and a HTC Kaiser too, but they are just about retired for me. I hate the stylus need on the Kaiser, and the Samsung just isn't as nice as the N95 or iphone)

First, on the Maps / GPS evaluation, you had a ipod Touch. I know that, as you said at the beginning of the review, the software is the same. However, the hardware is not. The iphone 3G DOES have built in GPS, and it picks up signals FAST. In a side by side comparison here in Los Angeles, the iphone picked up my exact position and was ready to start tracking my walking a full 60 seconds before the N95 was. And it is very accurate as well. Even though there is no pedestrian mode, it followed me down every street with surprising accuracy.

Next, I tested out the downloading of high res images off the internet that you described. I chose a full 5MP image that I have posted on my personal web page. It saved fine to the photo library, and opened up no problem on screen. Let me rotate it, zoom in and out, etc. I did not experience any of the glitches you mention at all. Not sure if that's a ipod touch issue or not.

Although all 3 Apple devices run the 2.0 software, there are different builds for each device. For example, the iphone 3G runs build # 5A345. My old iphone that was updated to 2.0 software runs build # 5A347. I don't have a ipod touch, so I'm not sure which build it runs. So that picture issue doesn't seem to hold true on the iphone 3G at least.

Also, I agree about your Safari comments, but you have to take some of that with a grain of salt. The whole point of Safari is to take you to the REAL internet pages, not a mobile version. So of course, there will be some sites that are easier to navigate with a stripped down mobile version, but do you want that for every site?

I would prefer the full desktop web pages all the time. That's why some sites do develop web apps when deemed necessary, or they deveop a full native app as you showed. In my experience, the iphone web apps and full native apps are optimized far beyond what a typical mobile web site does anyway, and are faster to use.

So I prefer having the full desktop websites by default, and the option to use native or web apps for the few things that I do often that need detailed navigation through a site. (Like book flights, etc)

With those three things accounted for, the Nokia N95 is still ahead by a little though. It is a great device, and I love it.

For me there are two determining factors in your review that would dictate which device would be best for a user. ..

One is video. If you need it, obviously you want the N95. Period. I don't shoot video at all on my N95, so this is not a consideration at all for me. Since this one category was a difference of 19 points alone in your review, if a user doesn't care about video, the two devices score virtually the exact same number. (coupled with the above points I made on GPS, Safari, and photos)

Second is the keyboard. I type a ton of emails on my phone while I travel, and the lack of a keyboard on the N95 means it stays in my bag more often, and I reach for the iphone to do my emails. This is the big one for me.

If you only read emails on your phone, or only type short responses, then this is not a consideration and the N95 is your baby. But if like me you type a lot, you probably require a qwerty, and lugging around a bluetooth keyboard is an option for some, but I don't like having extra stuff when I travel. I like to travel lite.

I use both devices because both are a pleasure to use. Clearly the best two mobile devices on the market today. But for day to day uses, I find myself reaching for the iphone more often than anything else. We'll see if that changes when the S60 touch interface comes out, and we see how the keyboard data entry works. If it's even close to the iphone, that will probably become the new device for me.

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