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AEFOX 27-02-2003 04:33 PM

My new Animated BG :)

i maked this animated GIF BG ... for those that use
Extended Profiles Pro .. and like to be COOL! 8)

this gif use 128 kb... it's 16 color...

128kb i know that is some mem space... :roll:

but i have about 1.5 meg free :) ... so this is nice till
i need more free mem :D
anyway i don't play "Prince of Persia" anymore ;) (same mem space)
and now i have nice animated background 8)

Even when you are talking with someone it's cool to see the background moving behind the thumbnail of the guy you are talking to :)

hope you all like it! :D


Bob 27-02-2003 04:41 PM

Very nice


AEFOX 27-02-2003 04:41 PM

Another one

this is another Animated GIF BG...

But this ine is more like an SLIDE SHOW...

one different BG pic every 20 seconds...

so if you live the phone there.. and you will use it and push any botton... you will see one of those pics... not always the same :)

this GIF use 90 kb... so it's not much...

hope you all like it..


Relistor 27-02-2003 06:19 PM


How do u get that animated gif to work in extended profiles pro???

I get it as background bit it just stands there doing nothing.

I want it to move.

Hope someone can help.


AEFOX 27-02-2003 06:24 PM

Simply select the file from personalise profile on ExtendedProfilesPro...

and assign background.. and you will see a question TRY ANIMATED BACKG? ... put yes...

then you will see there... if you don't see it.. try to reboot.. and check again...

but i see it ok..


Relistor 27-02-2003 06:45 PM

oh okee the reboot worked.

not at wonce bat when i press a button it changes the picture.
and ik moves now


it doesn't move fast though

AEFOX 27-02-2003 08:34 PM


ok.. yep .. i know .. doesn't move too fast..

That's because the Extended Profiles Pro App it's
converting each gif frame to .mbm and puting on the
background image file, all at real time... so the FPS are not
too good. But look nice anyway...

The BAD NEWS is a BUGG on Extended Profiles Pro.. and
or Firmware 3.16 ... (someone with 4.xx have to confirm this)

If you active any fast Animated GIF for Background..

Then, the Voice Dialing don't work :roll:

With the GIF like slide show that i created.. it's work.. but not with the
fast one...

BIG! BUGG! :-?

what relationship are between Voice Dialig and Animated BG Gif??? :D

only GOD know that!

cya! :D

Doc 27-02-2003 10:02 PM

Do these animated BG dramatically affect standby time of battery?

josecsilva 28-02-2003 01:10 AM

hi. I have 4.39 and it works fine ...
I even donīt need to boot the phone :D

josecsilva 28-02-2003 01:13 AM

Iīve forgot... with 4.39 background gif and voice dialing work fine. :D

The Party Boy 28-02-2003 03:59 AM

nice :)

eckrall 28-02-2003 12:20 PM

I use E-profiles pro and have a Itchy and Scratchy BG which is animated, but not blisteringly quick, but not bad, anyway, I use 3.16 FW and have no problems with the voice dialing, what seems to be the problem, it not recognising the name or just not doing anything


AEFOX 28-02-2003 01:02 PM


ok ...

when i press the speak botton... it said NOT MATCH FOUND!! inmediatly!..

but without the Animated GIF as background.. it's all back to normal.. :-?

don't know what it is.... :roll:

will check again later..


thanks for your comments :D

AEFOX 28-02-2003 01:27 PM


ok.. the Voice Dialling don't work while i see the animated BG... :cry:

BUT!... i found that if i go to menu or any app to leave the main BG screen back and then press the speak botton, voice dialling work fine...

So.. i can use it in that way by now...

cya! :D

The Party Boy 01-03-2003 05:27 AM


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