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BanziBarn 27-10-2009 03:00 PM

Roaming and data charges
I tried really hard to make sure I wouldn't incur data charges when I went to the USA.. but I failed :rolleyes: ;)

Auto email checking - off
Web feed - off
No live widgets on home screen

The issues were:

1. Web feeds

I've got 3 feeds, one of which (BBC News) is displayed on my home screen. I turned this one off completely but forgot to do the other two. These two continued to update during my trip, but as I don't look at them very often I didn't realise until I happened to see the connection symbol.

So, yes, I did forget to turn these off, HOWEVER, there is a setting on all the feeds related to updating while roaming. This was set to 'NO' on all my feeds so there is clearly an issue here with the phone ignoring this setting.

The only thing I can think of is that when I noticed the connection was active, the phone was connected to T-mobile which is who I'm with at home - could this have confused the phone?

2. Maps

When I opened Maps I said no to a connection. I then wanted to find a street name but every time I tried to search, the phone tried to connect. I had pre-loaded the maps for the city before I left the UK so thought it could do this off line.

Could this be to do with the fact the new search box accepts universal searches now? e.g. before, you had to enter a street name into a Street box, but now you use one box whether looking for a street name or a local Indian restaurant (which would require a connection to search)?

It's not cost me a lot of money, but it's just annoying that you can't be 100% certain you will not incur charges when you abroad.... especially at 7.50 per MB!

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