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ganjamanuss 09-02-2003 09:14 PM

9210i, Orange, HSCSD and ISDN (Oh and a few ISPs) Later . .
Well here's my first post, before I begin may I just say I've been reading these groups now for a while, and quite frankly they suck . . .

Only joking ! They are some of the best groups I've come across, (if some of the only, barring my-communicator), and the replies are always friendly.

I started off life with a 7650 when they came out, and took the (in some people's eyes) backward path of going to a 9210i, which has been one of the best decisions I have made, add to the fact that I got it free with quite a high tariff Orange talk plan (, and you've got one very happy bunny.

Few quick things before I begin, the 9210i that I have is not sim locked, although it is an official Orange handset, it hasn't been boxed by them, given the orange manual make over, or had any SILLY orange badges plastered all over it. Orange know it's one of their handsets however, no line 2 support and all the usual orange b***** about not swapping your sim, et cetera . . . however, next day fully boxed and couriered replacements are a certain plus, as is orange insurance, who've always been quick to replace phones lost (and,or) stolen in the past.

Right down to the nitty gritty, when I first got the phone I wanted to sort it out properly, so I thought I'll be a clever bugger, and format the entire machine, then I promptly ran out to to by myself a 129mb MMC card for maximum storage benefits, then also trying to be mister clever bugger, installed one by one all the applications off of the nokia CD onto the device, making sure to put them all on the D drive. Once I finally got the idea that it really makes no difference as the C + D drives are fixed storage devices and the 8Md SDRam is completely separate to them, I re formatted and stuck the all nokia data smack onto the C drive and started installing all the other apps that I wanted onto the D drive. Now with 80Mb free on D and 9Mb free on C, and no more than 3600Kb of Ram at any one time, I really feel part of the 9210 community :)

My next step was to focus on internet access, Demon Internet apparently offer an Orange Dial In number (07973100666) which I could never find much information about, after speaking to someone just a few minutes ago in demon, who clarified that this number was from back in the day when demon were in "league" with orange and they setup a whole wirefree thing together, they no longer support it at all, and pointed to orange, who also turned around and pointed to demon, leaving the number in a state of there but not quite there syndrome. So with no support from that number the demon tech support suggested trying to connect to one of their 0845 numbers with ISDN v.120 43200 enabled, I did, and voila it conected, despite being told by an Orange CSR (customer service representative) that this could only be done through 07973 numbers. Hmmmmm

Everything seems quite quick through this number connects quickly (though I doubt at 43200, more likely at 28800) and I seem to be quite happy. tried dope wars, loved it, bought it, tried active desk, didn't think it was too hot, ditched it, tried Frodo, loved it, couldn't (and still can't) figure out how to use it, but hey how cool is it to carry a C64 around in your pocket, barring the liscensing issues for the games which I'm just going to play ignorant to for now I guess.

Few quick things just wanted to point out along the way

9210i doesn't seem to support line 2 at all, orange won't help as they say it's a generic handset, even though they supplied it, hopefully getting 5.54 software on my 9210i soon, maybe that'll burst it into life.

Need more ram ! probably been addressed quite a lot but still seems quite ridiculous that loading will cause an out of memory error and half the images didn't load. guess nokia couldn't have predicted some of the advancements (or hinderences) of websites in the past few months . . .

Need more diversifying of applications, probably not going to happen now as the new series60 platform is out, but hey I'm sure there's still going to be some coming off the chalk board. that irc client as a final or a beta with real menu options would be nice, or a port of wireless IRC which i think is a killer series60 app would be nice

Other than that, bluetooth, gprs, tri-band, yadayadayada, sure everyone's mentioned these things before, but hey would be nice, but then I'm happy with what I've got so it's all cool.

Thanks for listening and any feedback on my points or any questions or anything at all would be cool !

AKA GanjamanUSS (and no, it's nothing to do with . . . :) )

LAuRA 10-02-2003 05:55 AM

Welcome aboard ganjamanuss :)

It seems that you have the Communicator Exercise Book covered now :D
Your Need more -list looks familiar too. We can only hope that Hilden (still can't get over that name...) is coming soon ;)

4u2nv 10-02-2003 01:43 PM

I also use my 9210i on Orange but I brought it offline several months, as Orange take ages to release new phones compared to other networks, so you have to spend a fortune buying one offline :cry: !

I also have a orange email account which is quite handy as u get the text alerts for a new email :D , but connecting and trying to look at emails through 9210i is not easy as it takes a while to load up :cry: and when you finally load up the email page the screen size is very small and you can hardly read emails! :cry:
Do you use orange email? :o

Do you know how to send emails from my email address without actually logging into the email account, just typing them in 9210i and sending? :roll:

Wheyhey we'e got another Orange 9210i user! ;)

ganjamanuss 10-02-2003 08:35 PM

No I connect over Demon ISDN (v.120 43200) HSCSD and connect to POP3 to collect my mail

you should collect your orange mail over pop3

sure it's and


Tomahawk 11-02-2003 06:43 PM

One application you might want to consider is AppMan. I use it all the time - it helps to manage memory and the restart feature is useful - even the 9210i benefits from a full restart occasionally. I also like the hotkey facilities.

The Godfather 11-02-2003 08:40 PM

...switcher is not bad!!!

4u2nv 12-02-2003 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by ganjamanuss
No I connect over Demon ISDN (v.120 43200) HSCSD and connect to POP3 to collect my mail

you should collect your orange mail over pop3

sure it's and


Pardon my lack of knowledge on this email settings, but were do I put these settings? :roll: I tried to log onto the URL of the above with 9210i but it says Unresolved Host Name :( !

Please help :roll: :roll:

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