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dimitri 17-08-2001 01:45 PM

Most Greek 9210 have experienced one way or another the bad quality of services of NOKIA's representative in Greece (weeks for a simple service, irrelevant answers to concrete questions, lack of support as to 9210 Greek localization issues, etc).
If this is the case for any of you Greek visitors of ER6 forum, please think whether we can act together in the aim of getting a suitable support, and express your opinions.
My suggestion would be to sign a collective plaint to both NOKIA (Finland) and it's Greek respresentative - to begin with...

acg 28-08-2001 11:38 AM


I am with you) I have had the worst time with Alpha Copy in the past. Feel free to include me in any such initiative.


harkos 29-08-2001 04:27 AM

I agree. Alpha Copy is the worst that could happen to Nokia 9210... We should also do something about Nokia's policy concerning the Greek language.

acrop1 30-08-2001 05:24 PM

same here. have a 3330 at service center 3 months now. i now own a 9210 and hope i dont need to take it for service

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