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coolsymbians60 20-03-2008 04:36 AM

Nokia 6110 questions - new user
Have been using the Nokia 6110 for 2 weeks and hope to get some information of this S60 3rd ed phone...

1. Message Count. Where is the SMS counter? I can't find it in the log.

2. Missed call/sms. You won't know if there is missed call/sms since the screen turned dim and then blank after some time. The only way now is to press any key to light up the screen again. Any freeware to "fix" this issue? I am not looking for those unlimited time screensaver to light up the phone all the time... this simply drains the battery (which is not very lasting especially with gps use...)

3. Neat theme. I'm looking for a plain and neat theme for this s60 phone & have been searching around for those with black/dark backgrounds or white/light backgrounds. I want designs with good contrast so that I can view text at a glance with ease. So far havn't found any good and workable ones... tried a number of black background themes but they are not fully functional (in certain sections of the phone, text turn out to be the same colour as background. eg. in some list menu, white text against white background.... those theme creators didnt check their design thoroughly). any one got good themes to share with me? any nice sites to search for free themes?

4. GPS and map. Under position settings, there are 4 position settings. What is the last one "network based" about?

5. how to clear junk files? eg. themes.. hidden installation files etc. unable to uninstall from app manager... these junks are really taking up memory space.

Thanks! :)

bartmanekul 20-03-2008 09:06 AM

1. I havent ever used one, so Im not too sure what your on about here.

2. Im not sure what your after? If you dont want the screen to light up all the time, Im not sure how you would see its got a message/missed call otherwise?

3. is one example, theres lots over there but you have to register (free).

4. Dont bother with network based. It tries to triangulate your position from the cell masts, and is quite often woefully inaccurate.

5. Install Y browser, or something similar. Or if its on the memory card, just connect to a PC in data transfer mode.

coolsymbians60 20-03-2008 02:26 PM

Thanks for your reply, bartmanekul.

1. I want to keep track of the number of SMS I sent out. There is a sms limit for my phone service. Most phones (eg. Nokia 6233) have this basic feature. This is my 1st symbian phone, so I'm thinking that how come this feature is missing.

2. I just want to make sure I'm aware of missed calls/sms. At least a dim screen would do only when there is a missed call/sms. A dim screen or totally light up screen all the time may consume too much battery? Or is there an application to remind the user of missed call through some sounds would be great.

4. How is this "network based" different from AGPS which uses of GRPS for sending data?

bartmanekul 20-03-2008 02:49 PM

I didnt even know there was an SMS counter on the 6233, which was my previous phone (loved it). Have a look in the options, might be buried away somewhere.

As for your call/message reminder, Im not sure. Someone else might get back to you on this.

Im not overly sure how the network based one is different, it might not be. However, what AGPS does is use triangulation to figure out roughly where you are. The actually GPS then knows which satelittes to look for, making the lock a lot faster.

Network based tries to determine your actual position without the benefit of GPS, so its always going to be less accurate.

coolsymbians60 22-03-2008 04:04 PM

yes, hopefully someone would answer my questions :)

arrobador 27-03-2008 11:00 AM

If you want a SMS/Missing Calls reminder you can use Remindme from mobifun soft.

coolsymbians60 03-04-2008 10:47 AM

I received 6 calls for the last 3 days and 1 MMS from unknown people a week earlier. All these are from different numbers, some fixed line and some mobile. Anyone got such experience? Could it be my phone got mobile virus or is it service provider problem or just coincident...?

The MMS is a black and white flower picture.

2 days ago, one called 2 times looking for same person. I told the person he got the wrong person/number.

Yesterday morning, my CallerAlert (a service provided by mobile provider) indicates 3 calls while I did not turn on my mobile. When I called back, the person says he didnít call anyone and asked how I got his number. Then he in return said that I'm the person who call the wrong person...

Today morning, CallerAlert indicates call while I did not turn on my mobile. I called back and found it is an aluminum company... a business line. They said that no one called me....

any good websites on mobile virus?

bartmanekul 03-04-2008 10:51 AM

While I doubt its a virus, its remotly possible.

A good test would be to try your sim in another phone for a few days.

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