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Rhem 18-01-2010 05:29 AM

Ipod for Symbian
This new software has been over a year in development. An AAC Mp3 player for Symbian based cellphones, complete automatic sorting database with bookmarking, fast and simple. Many features have been added such as a graphical equalizer and album art. OpenGL hardware support for amazing graphical performance. You have to try it, to see all the thought that's been put into this amazing product.

Rhem 23-02-2010 08:15 PM

The upside downside
This is not an emulator, but you would almost think it was. Every function that the iPod can do this can do. And it looks almost identical with the default iPod skin.

Also they want to make it video capable, and touchscreen on the Music Express. And the graphical equalizer is very unique.

The downside is it cannot do podcasts yet. But the database system is great. I've had over 3000 mp3s and though is a little slow loading, so I leave it running in the background.

It doesn't use much battery, cause it shutdowns its graphic after 30seconds and continues to play music.

I wonder if apple will sue, cause this is pretty close to the real thing.

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