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DavH 13-02-2012 11:16 AM

How do I sync this adode PDF file ?
Hi I am new to symbian. I bought my Nokia N97 mini off ebay. I have been on the net and looked at the phone to find out about it since i bought it off ebay and have read the PDF manual.

It was purchases 11/06/10.

I have a N97mini S60 Version 5

The software version- V12.0.110

Custom version-

" " Date- 19/07/2010

Language set- 01

My Abode reader is out of date and it seems not to let me use it. Is Djvu PDF reader for symbian a good option being free Or can I do something with the Abode to get it working with a Abode PDF file I have for syncing over to the phone?

I have tried syncing but it is not taking the Djvu PDF reader. How do I sync as it may not be the way I am meant to or how the maunual describes to do this ? On the phone I have OVI suite 1.2. On the desktop which seems to sync everything but bookmarks is Suite 3.3.16 or what ever was the lastest one. Browser settings in firefox for sync may be not good since firefox 10 is very new perhaps?

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