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mazzer 17-06-2011 07:19 AM

Loud Hum in headset with new E7
I just purchased my first Nokia, and it's the E7. I finally got around to trying out the headset, something I plan to use on our flight to and from Italy this year. When I plugged them in (yes all the way), I hear some crackling, and then a loud continuous humming ensues.

In my experimentation, I noticed the if you put the plug in partway and hold it, an option comes up to use the headphone with mic vs the headset option. When I select the headphone option in this manner, the loud hum goes away and they work fine. If I plug them in with the headset profile active, the humming is constant.

I tried to effect this in the settings menu for headset and headphone but no luck. Only when I push the plug in partway and hold it, do I somehow cause this popup window to appear that does NOT appear if I just plug in the headset.

Anyone familiar with this lovely problem? Coming from high end Android devices that worked flawlessly in this regard, I am surprised a high end Nokia does not.


mazzer 17-06-2011 09:11 AM

further info
It seems that when in the headphone profile, no humming occurs, but the music sounds distorted and pretty awful, even the timing goes off. It's as though there is some sort of short somewhere and that it things are deteriorating.

Placing the jack partway in, and holding it, can bring up that headphone pop up window. Or, putting it in can bring up the headSET window, and the humming starts.

I purchased this new from NEWEGG and I have to say that the box looked to have been previously opened and taped back shut, but poorly done so it was obvious. I thought Newegg was a reputable tech store but this has me wondering. I contacted them with a very direct email expecting resolution to this issue. In the meantime, since it is my first Nokia, I thought it prudent to check with the Nokia pros of the world about this headset jack.


jApi NL 17-06-2011 12:17 PM

I think it's a hardware issue . A connection distortion . Looks like the audio plug is faulty .
To distinguish between the headset plug (male) and device plug (female) , you could try another headset , with the similar plug ( 4 metal rings and 3 black plastic rings) .
This plug is designed for remote control , including remote microphone .
A regular plug (3 metal rings and 2 plastic rings) can be used too . But then there is no remote control and the device mic will be used OR used in a carkit .

Anyway , have your device cq headset replaced by a proper one .

:) Regards jApi NL

mazzer 17-06-2011 04:23 PM

hardware issue
I tend to agree, especially after trying two different "other" headsets with the same problem exhibited during their use. And the way partial insertion and holding can trigger one software profile vs another, isn't right, and I doubt caused by a headset. WE'll see if they respond appropriately.

mazzer 17-06-2011 11:48 PM

Well, thus far Newegg seems more than happy to send me a replacement device. Props to them, but we'll see how it goes. I advised them that it will really be helpful to see that the replacement is in a new UNOPENED box vs what I initially received. I am considering buying their product protection plan, $39.00 for 1 year. Anyone think that's a bad idea?

I'm using Ovi suite to back up those great apps I already installed.

jApi NL 19-06-2011 02:31 PM

Nokia Warranty
Nokia warranty is 2 years for the device , and as far as I know 1 year for battery .
Extra warranty is thrown away money , except maybe for accidents and incidents like lost and theft .

:) Regards jApi NL

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