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ericwimp 31-03-2003 01:43 PM

MGS Karting Help
Can anybody tell me why i can't get MGS Karting to work. I install the MGS7650.sis to my memory card, then install the MGSKarting.sis to my memory card but when i run the MGS program, it doesn't find any games.

The game looks great. Any help would be appreciated.


willbrady 31-03-2003 01:51 PM

There is a proper fix posted on these forums somewhere, do a quick search, but basically you need to move the 101 folder off your C: onto your E: and then edit an ini file and your MGS games will run off the MMC card, else you can install them to your phone memory and they will work.



ericwimp 31-03-2003 01:53 PM

Thanks for that Will. I noticed another message about MGS but it seemed to be a continuation from a post on another forum, so i wasn't sure if it was necessary or not.

I'll have a go.

Thanks again

ericwimp 31-03-2003 02:20 PM

Still Struggling
OK. So i found the other post but i think i'm being a complete moron. How do i create a folder e:\101 ? Do i need to download a file manager or something like that?

Thanks for helping me while my brain is asleep :oops:

willbrady 31-03-2003 03:39 PM

Yes, you need some kind of filemanager software, either a PC one or one you install on the phone itself.

I always recommend PcFilemanager by Epochware, it's simply brilliant. It lets you manage the files on your phone using your PC, just like you would the files on your PC.

Best :)



Here's a tip, the '101' folder you make on your E: choose properties and selec it as 'hidden', your phone will still see it and use it, but when you run RealOne or Camera it will not showup in the folder list ;)

ericwimp 01-04-2003 07:14 AM

Thanks again

All sorted. Kinda fiddly though. Almost gave in at one point. Glad i didn't though - the game is great.


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