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baconroll 16-11-2008 12:54 PM

N85 vs N95 8GB
Just wondering, anyone on here who previously owned an N95 8GB but now has the N85 if you find it better or worse. Do you miss the slightly larger screen, is the build quality as good or do you think the differences in the N85 aren't really worth upgrading for. Only asking as you can get N95 8GB cheaper now and curious as to whether it's really worth upgrading to this. Thanks

l1nknp4rk 16-11-2008 09:21 PM

i think its definitely a upgrade. I sold my n95 8gb for it and am happy i did. The screen is much sharper and much better quality. I do miss the larger screen but the n85 s screen quality more that makes up for it. The slider is way more solid and feels much better and stronger. Doesnt wobble like n95 did. The only negative about the slider is sliding it down to reveal the music keys is harder and will require 2 hands to open most likely. But i highly recommend upgrading. Its much smaller

seki 16-11-2008 10:01 PM

The memory is also upgradeable on N85
which last time I checked was not possible on the 95-8 ;)

The N85 is a good solid phone - IF you ensure you get one with a good slider (mine is perfect but there are reports of poor ones) ..

It is likely to get even better when proper firmware comes out (since there is none available I conclude its being sold with late beta FW)

the 95-8 has the benefit of 18months of FW development (with the 95-1) behind it .. so in that sense its probably a better device. The hardware in the 85 is better, therefore has more potential given decent firmware support.

Cheers seki:)

N/A 17-11-2008 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by seki (Post 401006)
The hardware in the 85 is better

"Better" is a relative thing. The N95 and N95 8GB are a dual-CPU systems with 3D hardware graphics acceleration. The N85 has notgraphics acceleration and its single CPU has to handle both the S60/Symbian OS as well as the cellular stack.

bartmanekul 17-11-2008 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by N/A (Post 401044)
"Better" is a relative thing. The N95 and N95 8GB are a dual-CPU systems with 3D hardware graphics acceleration. The N85 has notgraphics acceleration and its single CPU has to handle both the S60/Symbian OS as well as the cellular stack.

So is that definate now? No-one seems to know for sure if it has 3d hardware or not. And forum Nokia is not to be trusted, they have been wrong on specs more times than I can count.

RogerPodacter 17-11-2008 04:34 PM

i sold my n95 8GB in anticipation for buying an n85. the north american version just hasnt been released yet. however i think i am happy with the new n85 hardware enough to say that it is definitely a better phone than the n95 8GB was.

pennas 17-11-2008 05:17 PM

I'm fairly sure (from various forums etc, so pinch of salt!) that the N85 doesn't have hardware 3D acceleration, but i'm not bothered by this;

From what I hear, N-Gage is the only thing that uses this, but there aren't actually any N-Gage games out there at the moment that use 3D acceleration! (I read something from EA complaining that that couldn't use it..).

I think that a lot of confusion comes from the fact that some websites quote JBenchmark figures when reviewing phones (ie Java 3D FPS benchmark). This is affected by 3D acceleration (meaning that Java 3D games will probably run better), but means very little about the general performance of the phone! But because it's the only easy benchmark available, people tend to take notice of it :rolleyes:

Anyway, long story short I don't think it makes much difference unless you play java 3D games, or N-Gage opens up for 3D acceleration..

kontraband 17-11-2008 07:56 PM

I think you'd find the N85 'newer'.

Not easy to say better though. Yes the OLED screen is nice, but its not as good in direct sunlight as the N95's. There are a few things the N85 does tho that the N95 should but doesnt, like let you clearly see the time in standby etc... I think Ive commented on most on my week review post.

l1nknp4rk 18-11-2008 08:17 AM

I think the n85 outperforms the the n95 8gb in most ways, it doesnt have 3d graphics accelerator but doesnt seem to make a difference. ngage games work and run smooth and the gaming keys make it alot easier to play

RogerPodacter 18-11-2008 04:36 PM

i am also liking the slimmer dimensions of the n85. the n95 was slightly bulky and large to put in your pocket. the n85 is much smaller and thinner, making it way better IMO. i was pissed about the lack of 3D hardware. but then when i found out that none of the ngage games took advantage of it, it made me not care.

radical24 18-11-2008 04:50 PM

go for the n85 speedy, nice slim design, power horse and awesome screen complete the package, go for it don't look back

Strauss5 28-08-2009 06:29 AM

Dear i used both mobile sets.And i conclude that N85 is better than the N95.Because N85 has the great soft wares and internet speed.So i prefer to N85.This is best for you.

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jangomango222 16-10-2009 04:24 AM

I think many people will prefer N 85...

kolenkooll 13-03-2010 05:29 AM

Well i would go for N85. N95 is better than its 8gb version. The for some reason I saw this as N95 instead of N85. So my vote is actually for N85.

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