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Rafe 20-09-2004 10:01 AM

New: BlueSky GPS for Series 60
BlueSky GPS is a program to interface with your GPS from a Series 60 phone. It includes the ability to send an SMS with your current position. Other features include navigation to a selected point, speedometer, trip computer and of course the ability to show GPS satellites and coordinates.

Author's Description:

Brief summary of features:

* show GPS satellites and coordinates
* add, edit, import and export waypoints
* sending your position by SMS
* history of sent and received SMS
* navigation to selected point or to the nearest point
* speedometer with two ranges
* blank map with points and track
* trip computer
* logging NMEA sentences
* settings

Localization. Using coordinates from Bluetooth GPS receiver program continuosly searches for the nearest point in your surroundings and calculates your distance and direction to the point. You can create your database of waypoints by collecting waypoints from your current position or you can prepare them in PC and export them to the phone.

Sending position by SMS. BlueSky GPS is able to send your position and distance and direction to the nearest point in SMS message (e.g. "16 m NW to Museum of Art"). You can send this SMS manually and also automatically in specified interval. Moreover you can request position from another BlueSky GPS user by sending SMS (you can request position also from phone without BlueSky GPS - syntax is "BLUESKY PASSWORD"). To protect you from abusing this service by another people, you should select your password - it will answer only to SMS with correct password. Received SMS with position are saved as new point in database. This enables you to keep track of someone else (or you can let BlueSky GPS to navigate you to him/her). SMS with position can be received also by stock GSM phone (without BlueSky GPS), but without this program you have much less comfort.

viceroy 03-11-2004 11:37 AM

I recentlly purchased Bluesky GPS to use with the Falcom NAVI-1 Bluetooth GPS that I'd bought.

The software is exactly as advertised and very accurate.

I hope the author incorperates a feature to allow users to upload their own maps and calibrate them on the device as well as the ability to download tracks or routes to other formats, similar to GPSMap2 and Power Navigation2, both of which are not as good as Bluesky GPS in my opinion.

darkjester 21-06-2009 10:48 PM

Apologies for dragging up a (very) old thread but I used this software and would like to have its functionality again.

Does anyone know if there is GPS tracking software that performs the same as this now unavailable one did?

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