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sajansadiq 21-01-2010 07:02 AM

N73 Important messages got deleted: urgent help needed.
Dear all,

Plesae help me. some of my very important messages got deleted from my memory card while i was trying to create space in phone memory. The same issue is quoted below by another user. Is there some way i can recover the deleted messages in this issue. Badly need them, very urgent. Please assist:con?


Originally Posted by hell_storm2004 (Post 392177)
Check your lifeblog entries!!! They are the main culprits!!! :mad:
They are stored in the phone memory!!!

But be careful while deleting them.... :icon4:

If you delete Lifebolg entries, and your lifeblog entries have messages stored in them. It will also delete your messages even if they are on the memory card!!! Don't know why!!! :con?

I had this problem two weeks ago. So I had to clear out my Lifeblog entries but almost 900 messages got deleted from Messages (Inbox, Personal Folders, Drafts n all!!! Which were saved on my memory card!!!!). :frown:

Didn't know that there is a direct link between the Lifeblog and Messages!!! After that i got about 21.3MB of my memory free but i lost my precious messages!!! And still haven't solved a way to restore the messages to my memory card from the backup that I had created about a month which has all those 900 messages!!!

Can anyone suggest me how to get over this? I mean Lifeblog and messages dependency??? :con?

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