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MaleBuffy 03-02-2003 08:22 PM

Update: FileExplorer 1.07 for Series 60
Dominique HUGO has released another version of FileExplorer that fixes some minor bugs and has some more features. Go to for more info. The new version includes this:

Version 1.07

-the info-boxes of the drives and files properties have been
enhanced, also added the hidden,archive,r/o and system
attributes of the files and the 3 UID's.

-the restart function is, now, in a phone menu which gives
also the info about the phone (imei, firmware version and

-in the cut/copy/paste system, a dialog box appears in the
paste command if the file already exists to confirms its

-when asking for 'the properties' on a folder, it gives the
number of sub-folers and the number of files under the
current folder.

-when copying a file, the attributes (of the destination) are
reset (eg: R/O is off if the source was on); this allows to
copy files from the z: drive and delete them after.

-when renaming a file, the old filename is displayed in the
rename dialog box.

-when a 'search for files' is performed from the root, the
'edit' menu is activated.

-'enter' on a drive causes an enter on this drive and 'left
key' on a drive causes to display the properties box of this

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